Saturday, August 4, 2007

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Some of oldest dd's accomplishments

Well, my oldest dd lost 2 teeth last night. That was the second of two accomplishments in the last couple of days. On Thursday, she decided to jump off the diving board for the first time (a big step for her). Granted, she still had her water wings on, but she was going under the water when she jumped. I know I am probably her toughest critic, and I was really surprised and proud of her.

The tooth fairy pays out $1 per tooth here. That's more than I remember getting. I got a half-dollar for my teeth. The kids' papa once said the teeth should be worth $5 each, to which I replied that the tooth fairy is not made of money. I know of some kids' fairies who give $5/tooth. I know we'll have to put braces on our oldest. Perhaps the fairy will raise her rates when we don't have to fight so hard to get those teeth out. The first two were nightmares, the second two we had to pay to get them pulled at the dentist, which was $45/tooth.

Maybe it will get easier as she gets older. She has a strong aversion to pain that she knows is coming. She won't get her ears pierced for that reason. Falling, she can pick herself up most of the time without a wimper, but the dread of pain is actually worse than the pain itself. I am just shocked I was able to get that second tooth last night after having pulled the first in the same night. I knew I didn't want to go through that the next night, though. Just get all the crying, screaming, and yelling out at once. (I have to sit on her as she's lying in the floor with my legs holding her arms next to her.) It is not fun, and pulling teeth is something that her father has yet to attempt. Just how do dads get out of being the bad guy?

By the way, I was holding our kitty today, and discovered that he had also lost a tooth. DD wanted to know if the tooth fairy would be visiting him as well.

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