Sunday, August 5, 2007

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Getting ready to start the school year and some cool resources

And our little red schoolroom is still not complete. But we will begin downstairs for now, and move upstairs in a few weeks. It is my own fault. I have one more coat of paint in a few spots, and then carpet and steps, doors and trim. Then moving the furniture up there (I probably dread that part the most).

This year, we are taking a very eclectic approach. Saxon Math, Apologia Astronomy, A Child's History of the World (Calvert), a few "living" books (Charlotte Mason style), Studying God's Word (Christian Liberty Press), Prima Latina (Memoria Press) along with Rosetta Stone Latin, some more italics handwriting practice with StartWrite software, Growing with Grammar, Alfred's Basic Piano, and a side of Girl Scouts and gymnastics for extracurricular activities. I'm sure I've left something out, but I'll try to feature some of what we've been working on each week.

And my dd also announced to me just today that she wants to learn to type. Well, I had this bookmarked somewhere for free online typing lessons. So, I'll be using one of these as well this year:

Now for one more ultra cool online resource: FREE VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS!

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