Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Can I get a clone of me?

You know, it's been a few days since I've posted. It's been crazy at my house. Hubby has announce that the room upstairs has a deadline of 6 weeks now. I suppose that is reasonable enough. I also have some project deadlines for proofreading that I have to work on. Wish I had more of me around. If I did, I may try some video conferencing to get my work done more efficiently. Or even better, I'd use my clone to work on the cleaning around the house, while I did some video conferencing with my family and friends in other states.

The thought leads me to a mom's blog (and eBay auction) which stirred quite a lot of traffic on the internet last week. A mother of 6 kids posted some Pokemon cards that her kids sneaked into her cart. She provided a "day in the life" in her description, and as a result of her gift for words and humor, she now has countless emails coming to her every day (now there is someone who could use some video conferencing). I can't imagine getting back to the numbers of emails that she has had flooding her inbox.

That leads me back to my work... time to find my red pen and start a-markin'! Before I leave, here's a picture of our turbo kitty who has now discovered that the sand and dirt in our houseplants should be something to play in. He really doesn't look like he'd be that fast in this picture, but if I waited until he was in "play mode" I'd never get a picture of him! My daughter loves to hold him while watching TV, and occasionally, he takes a peek at the tube too. This happened to be one of those moments.


Jay Cam said...

lol your cat looks cool..
are you adding a new room to your house?

Jay Cam said...

care to trade links with my humor blog?

check it out at !

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