Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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Hot weather, heavy schedule

School went well today. We added grammar and also science to our schedule. I have been looking at the schedule, and realize that I may have packed too much in for each subject to be done each day. I guess that will ease some worries, though, since most of the books don't actually have 180 lessons in the text. Most only have between 90 and 100, which makes me even more disappointed in most public school systems. I do not remember getting through one textbook completely (well, except literature books we had to read). Even if we made it to the end of the book (history may have been one), we had to skip parts of the book not because we already knew the material, but because we couldn't fit it into the school year schedule. We successfully completed at least 3 textbooks last year (one was not completed, but we were very close to the end). I look for this year to be even higher.

School ended today with a trip to my mom's (I had a couple of errands in my hometown anyway), where we went swimming again at the neighbor's pool. I made a short video of a "jump." I am so glad I didn't waste money on superfluous swimming lessons this summer. I don't think they did much good at all last year. She did much better with me working with her on a more patient, one-on-one basis this year. Today, when my mom's neighbor got home, she showed dd how to blow water out of her nose so she wouldn't cough as she came out of the water. I believe she'll be jumping off the board without the wings next summer.

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