Monday, August 13, 2007

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Homeschooling: it's not just a choice, it's a lifestyle

This was probably not coined by me. I know I've heard similar discussions from the gay rights' activists, but it's sometimes a bit laughable. You could put just about any hobby or activity in the first word's place.

Today I enrolled my oldest daughter for a free trial gymnastics class. We'll try it out to see if it's something she thinks she'll want to continue. However, I don't know how one class will sum up what she's going to learn there. We'll see. I am looking forward to it because it is in the middle of the day, and only homeschoolers will meet there at that time.

We still have to add drawing lessons and music to our full curriculum schedule for this year. As I type, both the girls are painting at their easel. Tomorrow we'll start with the Drawing Lessons on Music will have to begin this week as well. We had a full day, and we didn't do any science today. But we are on task and on target. The telephone gets in the way. I would not answer it, but it is usually for my husband's business, and I'd rather the business earn that money. Hiring a receptionist does not make sense to me. Why pay someone else when we can pay ourselves? Not only that, if money is tight, we can skip my pay and make up for it later. We cannot do that with a different employee. It just makes sense to me for me to stay on. I also do all the books. I am no organized person when it comes to the business books, but bills do get paid. I do as much online as I can. I also handle payroll and taxes (all except the yearly tax return). I got a real crash course last December/January.

Finally, if you haven't noticed my eBay widget at the bottom of the page, you can go take a look at it. I am experimenting with what widgets are available and how much info I can put on there. I know I also have to eventually put some labels on my posts to ease navigation. There's still a lot to learn on my part (as always).

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