Friday, August 10, 2007

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Frugal tip: Gold Bond = SUCCESS!

I had to take this opportunity to report that the Gold Bond powder I mentioned for my Golden Retriever's hot spot really worked! I checked the spot tonight, and I could tell that the "sore" is now drying out. A scab has formed, which is a sign that the wound is healing underneath, and the spot will soon be gone.

My husband had his doubts about it working, because the dog has still been panting a bit. I didn't tell hubby that I had raised the thermostat in the house to 75 degrees, hee hee. I am trying to save some electricity in this 100+ degree weather. When the outdoor temperature gets back to a more tolerable range, I'll set the thermostat back to our normal 70-72 degree range.

I have one more great site I found the other day. It is If you've heard of the Grocery Game website, it is similar to it, but it is FREE. She also has some great free e-books to download. I tried the Grocery Game trial period ($1 for 4 weeks), but after finding many inconsistencies with the actual prices in the stores I was paying for, I decided to end before I was billed the full amount ($25 every 4 weeks, based on the number of stores for which I had signed up). The Coupon Mom doesn't list the deals from the drug stores, but the grocery stores are there (did I mention that it is FREE?). You'd pay $10 for one grocery store on the other site.

As for our school today, dd did one half of her lessons the night before, and will be doing the remaining half during the weekend. We had our neighbor's daughter for the day (she had teacher in-service at a public school, but the daughter didn't have classes today). I took the girls swimming at my mom's neighbor's pool today. It was so hot that we only stayed about 1-1/2 hours. My eyelids were burning. I'd have worn sunglasses in the pool, but I was going under the water too much. I see us going at least one afternoon next week to the pool as well. The forecast says it is going to be 100+ degrees all of next week. My yard needs mowing, but it's just like hay out there. It would be miserable for me to get out and mow right now with my allergies. It will have to wait for now. We're praying for rain.

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