Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Some general homeschooling and life goals for my kids

You may have already figured from past posts that I'm not the most conservative of moms out there. But here's a list of things I want for my kids as a result of homeschooling.

1. To love the Lord and make Him an intregal part of their lives.
2. To be Christians without being prudish.
3. To be natural leaders without being dictators and without running over anyone else.
4. To know how to have fun without succumbing to peer pressure.
5. To know that they can do their best, but still won't always get 1st place, and take pride in their work regardless of place.
6. To make mistakes and be better educated as a result of correcting those mistakes.
7. To remember the importance of family.
8. To be prepared and well-rounded, not overly sheltered.
9. To be lifelong learners, understanding how to find the answers that they seek in life and knowledge.

In reference to number 8, I am sure I've stirred some pretty strong feelings here among homeschoolers. I will be the first to admit that I am homeschooling my children to shelter them. However, I may choose to expose them to something that I would not be comfortable about them being exposed to in a public school. I'd rather be prepared to explain to my kids about issues that are questionable. I also make mistakes in front of my children. They do not see me as perfect. Nor do I want them to. That sets up some pretty sore disappointments later in life when they realize the truth. I want them to realize that I struggle daily in various aspects of my life. I don't want them to think that being an adult is easy and that life gets easier.

I could go on about sheltering, but I fear that I have already opened a Pandora's Box, and I certainly don't want to lead anyone into thinking that I allow my kids to do outlandish things. Life requires balance and temperance, and there are some in religious circles who I believe take some things way too seriously. More on that at another time.

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Heather said...

I love this post! I hold many of the same feelings as you, especially on the topics of sheltering. I found your blog from the Blessed Beyond a Doubt Weekend Blog Hop. I'm so glad I found you and will continue to follow you.

I blog at

I look forward to connecting with you.

By His Grace,
Heather Bowen

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