Monday, August 6, 2007

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Pulling my head out of the sand ... you can make money with blogging!

I'm pretty new to the blogging world, especially new to writing blogs. Little did I know in my searches over the past few days that you can actually make real money by posting on your blog! One of the companies that allows this is called BlogsVertise.

There are great ways to make money with your blog. One way is through advertising affiliate links, where advertisers put ads on your blog and hopefully your visitors will click on the advertisement. You get a commission from the resulting sales. Another way is from writing a review about a company's product or service. Companies like BlogsVertise give assignments on what products to review. Review in a post on your blog, and submit it to BlogsVertise's website for payment.

The great thing about BlogsVertise is that it allows new bloggers to apply and make money through a "probationary" period. Not many companies allow new bloggers. I'll post some other great ways to make money online (blogging and otherwise) as my blog evolves and grows over time.

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theorosfamily said...

Wow! Very nice blog , love the quotes on the sides (notice how I did NOT say "infinitely nice blog" :-)
Karen O (rutherford hs list)

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