Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Need Proclaim My Appreciation

In spite of my unfortunate sneezing today (just what is blooming right now besides mums?), I have found some things for which I am especially happy on this eve.  I'll start with the easy ones, but will conclude with some odd ones.

First, the "givens."
1.  The Lord and His grace
2.  The health and love of our family
3.  The fortune that God has given our family a way to pay the bills we have, and has provided our basic needs.
4.  Friends who make me smile

And now, for the non-traditional ones.
5.  Caffeinated drinks - cokes, coffee, and good Southern sweet tea (they help me keep some "me" time when the kids are all in bed)
6.  Flea drops for my pets (provides physical relief for the dog, and comic relief for us from the cat)
7.  The new sound-maker that my aunt gave Lucas (it's addictive and peaceful all at the same time)
8.  Rectal thermometers (any parent who's had a constipated baby can appreciate this)
9.  Gold Bond medicated powder (it's kept me from taking Oscar to the vet for a $70+ shot)
10.  Cheaper gas
11.  Cooler temperatures on the way

I know there are many, many more ways I can count my blessings.  It's helpful to remind myself that in spite of our troubles, God tends to show us silver linings.
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