Monday, October 18, 2010

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Pinky and the Eye

Not to be confused with “Pinky and the Brain.”  imageI would prefer that silly cartoon over what is plaguing the 2-year-old right now. 

I had planned on coming up with a better post today, but I have spent most of the day dealing with a non-working air-conditioner (which we do still need in mid-October in southern Louisiana) and a baby with a nasty sinus infection which has permeated into his swollen lymph nodes and now also his eyes.

I thought the junk coming out of his nose was nasty, but the eyes, they are just GROSS.  Every time he wakes up it is a challenge to clean them and put eye drops in.  Not that getting to sleep is an easy thing lately, with our air conditioner on the fritz.

I used to think that parents who had kids with pinkeye just had some red around the eyeball thing that was not a big deal.  I admit, humbly, I was WRONG. 

I feel for any kid who has recurring pinkeye.  Who wants to have boogers coming out of their eyes all day?  It’s not like the poor kid can hide it.  At least the nose conceals most of its prisoners. 

I know how aggravating it is when you want to wake up in the morning and can’t open your eyes.  Now, if there is something yellow and crusty holding your eyelashes like super glue, that is much worse than just being overly tired or sensitive to light. And with the cold, the eyes are tearing up more than usual.  The body is probably toting around a good extra pint of fluid in a toddler with a cold.  A good portion of that seems to be coming out of the eyes.  Then, the crying ensues when we have to clean the eyes and put drops in again, so the cycle repeats.

I’ll be glad when this bout with pink eye is over.

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