Monday, October 11, 2010

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iPod Touch for the Classroom, Part 1

I was going to post much earlier today, but the arrival of my daughter's iPod Touch has had the house in a tizzy this afternoon.  As a mom, I consider myself "middle-of-the-road" when it comes to technology. I would say that I know enough to get by, probably more than many moms do, but I'm pretty new to any Apple product.  I'm haven't drunk the Mac kool-aid yet.  I still like my PC, like the options it provides, and like that I can alter it in ways that I have been accustomed to for many years now. I don't know if I could do that with a Mac.

But let me say that from what I've seen so far (as I have had some limited time syncing my daughter's iPod today), that the iPod Touch completely blows me away.  I am still amazed at all the apps that we can use for our homeschooling activities, not to mention fun and convenience.

I will spend more time in coming weeks explaining the various apps we will be using.  So far, the ebook reader Stanza is so impressive that I'm looking for a version for my ancient PDA.  I will leave you this evening with a few links from other sites and blogs that help show a few benefits of having an iPod in your classroom.
Happy surfing!

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