Sunday, June 28, 2009

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What a difference just a few weeks can make! It's not only the look of my blog that has changed. Our summer is in full swing, and though we didn't have concrete plans, a job offer has landed us in a whirlwind of newness. Not only will my husband be starting a new job with huge potential, but we will be moving to the New Orleans area very soon. Luckily, we know a few people in the area, so we won't be totally lost. We are looking forward to the amazing food we have heard about, along with the rich history of the area.

My children have had a season of firsts.

The boy celebrated his first birthday in May (his birthday party was outside in a monsoon, luckily we had the shelter of the pavillion).

My oldest is jumping off the diving board of the neighbor's pool and swimming the length of the pool (a huge feat).

My youngest daughter is swimming across the width of the pool (not bad for a kid with no formal swimming lessons). I was truly amazed.

The oldest went on her first overnight camp with our church without her mom or dad to watch her every move.

Ok, so when did my kids get this big? Madelynne's stay under our roof is half over, and we still have so much to teach her!

Soon I will be setting an academic example for our kids, as I am planning on starting graduate school soon.

As I posted before, I will get pictures of the workboxes up very soon, before they become packed and shipped to NOLA! The next two weeks will be very exciting and stressful for us as we look for a safe and affordable place to live.


charis said...

I love the new look!
You do have many changes taking place in your life right now but to see it all as an adventure and a learning experience makes it easier on yourself and your family. I look forward to hearing about your life in the Big Easy and if you come across any recipes while you're there, please share!
I wish you and your family the best in all you do. Please keep in touch!
Best wishes on getting your doctorate. You are an inspiration to me too!


Stephanie said...

Jumping off the diving board and swimming the length is a huge feat!

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