Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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A Busy Summer

There isn't much with which to update my blog, but I could say that there is a lot of busyness going on this summer. I wish I could say that I have personally accomplished a lot, but alas, it is not the case. At least the kids are having a good time, and they have plenty of activities going on.

A recent move has catapulted our lives into limbo. In the meantime, our church is one stability our kids can seem to find. They are involved with the activities there. Madelynne just returned from her first summer camp away from mom and dad with the church group. This week we are attending a local VBS, and we are gearing up for our church's VBS next week.

Aside from church activities, we are swimming and playing tennis. Ally looks so cute in her tennis gear. Miss Maddy is finally going into the deep end of the pool without flotation help. That is a huge step for her. And the boy is running all over creation keeping us all on our toes.

Last week we signed up for the Summer Reading program at the library. Allyson is already 1/4 of the way through. Madelynne started on her list a little later because of church camp, but she is really speeding through her first book.

We are also doing schoolwork through the summer. I have discovered a system for the kids which I hope to implement into full swing for the fall. It will help keep me focused on what they need to be doing, as well as provide more structure for them. It's a system based on Sue Patrick's Workbox System. We are doing a modified version using one box per child with name tag holders and manila envelopes. Eventually, I would like to get different bags instead of using the envelopes, but for now, they work. Lucas even has his own box (where we put toys for the day). He has no numbers or system, but he knows it's his box. I will be posting pictures of these boxes later.

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